White Dress Cinema is a beautiful medley of every story we've told.

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About Us


White Dress Cinema was created from a group of best friends in Southern California who decided to turn their passion for art and storytelling into a full-time production studio.

Our team is passionate about capturing honest emotions, producing tasteful art, and building genuine connections. This isn't just a job for us- we love each part of the process. A wedding celebrates the past, present, and future; multiple stories unfolding to create one beautifully personal narrative- one that we want to help tell.

OUR Mission

Our style implements techniques of cinematic film: the shots are crisp, the close ups are intimate, and the editing flows effortlessly. The photos will be beautiful and your lovely film will be tailor-made for you to relive in the years to come.

We've had the honor of spending time with many couples on their special day. Each wedding is an experience for everyone on our team- from the initial phone call to the moment it leaves our editors' hands. We ensure the same passion and professionalism for all of our couples- and hopefully you too!

Let's Talk!

Whether you're still on the fence or you're ready to book, our team is ready to listen and help craft an experience that best fits your style and needs.